David M. Freed, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

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9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Saturday by appointment


Neuropsychological Evaluations

River with sky - Call licensed clinical psychologist David M. Freed, PhD, for a neuropsychological evaluation, ADHD treatment and other psychological services.

Neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between brain function and behavior.  Neuropsychological evaluations are intended to provide more information regarding the psychological impact of a medical condition such as stroke, head injury, or dementia.  One component of Dr. Freed’s practice is the evaluation of individuals following head injury or concussion.  Dr. Freed also has nearly 30 years experience working with older adults who have memory problems. 

A neuropsychological evaluation consists of a history-taking interview, clinical observation, and testing.  During the interview, you will be asked about your family, education, work history, medical history, and any symptoms that you currently have.  You may also be asked to fill out some rating forms.  You will then be given a number of psychological tests that are designed to evaluate your thinking and motor abilities.  Some of the tests are difficult and many of the tests are timed.